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<body>Your browser does not handle frames!</body> Hypercube Fun
Downloading Mental Imagery
Spanish Training with Aesop's Fables
Some Writing
Hall of Trivial Inventions (just forming)
My Resume
A Homemade Portable Pottery Wheel for About $40
Quick Little Paintings
My old Sketchbook (desparately needs updating)
Triangulated Irregular Network Library (free source code)
Visual Inverted Brain Theory
Ren & Stimpy's Magic Story Dice
Toroidal Planet Simulation, with Moon (very under construction)
Noted Quotes of Josef Beigenwight
Highly Imaginative Technology
Spacey Stuff
Fretless, an Idea for a Music Composer

External Links

Silver Curve Studio, excellent jewelry directly from the artist.

Patty MacDonell's website. and Blog
J. Ventrella's site, creative alife works.
Erich W. Lantz's Homepage and Blog
Bud's World and bTechSystems
Stockato, creative tools for stock analysis and trading
Rude Pundit
Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats Club
The Insidious Bogleech
My old site