Noted Quotes of Josef Beigenwight

(1876 - 1950)

On Child Care:
"Babysitting is the art of killing time without killing children."

On Education:
"Beat a man with a stick and he bleeds for a day. Teach him to beat himself with a stick and he bleeds for a lifetime."

On Natural Medicine:
"Nature's favorite cure for sick lambs is the wolf."

On the Free Market:
"In an absolutely free market, nothing can compete with just stealing."

On Labor:
"Idle Workers are the Devil's Hands."

On Discipline:
"Discipline is the art of ignoring everything that matters."

A broad metaphor on the use of accumulated weapons, drugs or fattening food:
"The only way to waste poison is to drink it."

On the Good War:
"Using war to save lives is a moral curveball. To the untrained eye, it might look like you're just killing people."

On Knowledge Versus Power:
"The best omnipotence is a damn good omniscience."

On Popular Culture:
"The line for shit soup can be surprisingly long."

On Rugged Individualism:
"In nature, collective humans are called 'tribes' and other animals regard them as 'dangerous'.
While also in nature, lone humans are called 'rugged individualists' and other animals regard them as 'chewy'."

On the US Capitol:
"The way to get rich in Washington DC is to find out what the problem is, and become part of it."

On Bad Relationships:
"If you are trying to escape a trap, the first step is to spit out the bait."

On Racism:
"In America, saying you are free of racism is like a fish saying 'sure, I've lived in water all my life but I never swallowed any of it'."

On Freedom of the Private Sector:
"Any business model supported by firepower is a tyranny."