John C. Atkeson

3959 Persimmon drive, #103 Fairfax, Virginia 22031
Home:703-426-0121   Cell:703 861 9189   Work:301-680-5431
JCAtkeson at gmail dot com

IT Skills

Work Experience
University of Maryland
Silver Spring, MD
Volunteer Consulting
December 2005 - Present

Assisted Dr. Karen Nelson (a friend) create an educational software project funded by the University of Maryland from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The project is a series of interactive web tutorials that introduce new college students to math applications in biology. Added inner threads to Dr. Nelson's Java applet code to animate a real-time demonstration of Mendelian genetics. Installed open-source tools to advance project development, including BlueJ Java IDE and WAMP Apache/MySQL/PHP server for Windows. Contact: Karen Nelson, 301 587 7684.

Nascott Rehabilitation Services
Silver Spring, MD
Shipping Manager
June 2005 - Present

Performed a mixture of prosthetics fabrication work (plastics and casting) and computerized purchasing, shipping and receiving. Wrote a webscraping application in Perl using WWW::Mechanize to extract our company's database from OPIE Lite (a third-party web-based database) for faster editing. Created an illustrated OPIE Lite tutorial for our employees, using the OpenOffice Draw program. Supervisor: Dave Duffner, 703 691 0606.

George Mason University
Fairfax, VA
Research Assistant on Fellowship
January 2001 - July 2004

Assisted Professor in his research by writing computer programs in C++ on Linux to simulate neuronal activity. Refined 3d computer model of rat hippocampus for neuronal firing simulations. Received a small paid fellowship for this work. (Left before completing master's degree for financial reasons.) Supervisor:Dr. Giorgio Ascoli, 703 993 4384. (Time gap filled by part-time retail and warehouse work.)

NOAA, US Department of Commerce
Rockville, MD - Norfolk, VA
Computer Programmer/Survey Technician
April 1991 - January 2001

Created, developed and maintained C/C++ programs for visualizing and editing hydrographic survey data, as well as interfacing with sensors and plotters. Assisted survey technicians with computer training and troubleshooting. Did survey technician work at sea for 10 months. Systems were SGI Irix, Windows, Linux, and HP 3000 series.

As part of an outreach program, created 3d computer graphics for CHROME engineering society publicity, using Ray Dream Studio. Supervisor: LCDR Nick Perugini, 757 441 6696.

Capital Media Enterprise Inc.
Richmond, VA
Camera Operator
1998 and 1999

Filmed two VCU fashion shows using a Sony VX-1000 digital video camera, producing high-quality work. Supervisor: Jody Rawley, 804 751 1295

Habitat for Humanity Global Village
Puebla - Vera Cruz, Mexico
Volunteer House Builder
October 1996 - November 1996

Volunteered building cement houses in the states of Puebla and Vera Cruz, Mexico for one month in two 14-day builds. Supervisor for first build: David Minich,1 800 422 4828. Second build: Felix Gustavo Lozano Gonzalez, Mar Negro #6 Col. Tacoba 11410 Mexico D.F. Mexico.

Science Museum of Virginia
Richmond, VA
Exhibit Fabricator
April 1987 - March 1991

Developed and built educational science exhibits (exhibit computer programming, electrical wiring & controls, cabinetry, acrylics, metal work, some graphics). Exhibits and software had to be bulletproof and easy to use for thousands of visitors of all ages, both kind and malevolent. Supervisor:William Walton, 804 864 1400.

Education and Training

Bachelor's in Computer Science. Randolph-Macon College, Ashland Va. Ended 1986. Learned computer architecture, digital electronics, and the art of programming.

Completed 2/3 of the courses required for a Master's in Biopsychology (Neuroscience). George Mason University, Fairfax Va. Ended 2004. Left before degree for financial reasons.

Machine tool operations I, II, & III (full curriculum of machine shop training and lab). Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth, Va. Ended 1996. Learned how to create exact metal shapes from blueprints using milling machine, lathe, grinder, and drill press.

Technical Drafting I. J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Ended 1986. Learned technical sketching, lettering, metric construction, orthographic projection, sections, intersections, dimensioning and preparation of working and detailed drawings.

General Skills

Metal work: Can create shapes accurately from drawings using milling machine and lathe. Proficient with drill press, metal break, bandsaw, grinder, hand tools. Able to weld steel using TIG, acetylene and arc welder.

Electronics: good at soldering, skilled with multimeter, can design complex circuits based on relay logic and can construct analog electronic circuits from recipe books. Built working electroencephalograph from mail-order parts and printed circuit boards. Good understanding of general principles of electricity.

Cabinetry: Proficient with table saw, band saw, router, etc. Have constructed exhibit cabinetry from MDF and plywood. Can bring rough natural wood to a glossy finish. Have constructed exhibit casework from sheet acrylic.

Drawing and Illustration: have been trained in basic drafting with some CAD experience. Good understanding of optics and principles of color. Portfolio of technical and artistic work available on request.

Computer work: Highly proficient C programmer, competent with C++ and various other languages. Able to do simple Linux/Unix networking and administration, comfortable with Windows. Experienced writing interface software for sensors and industrial controls. Experienced writing interactive graphics software, some 3d, mostly 2d. Wrote I/O software to control exhibit activity through Qua Tech boards.

Various Arts: Good amateur experience with ceramics; learned pottery on the wheel for 3 years, built own propane kiln and fired ceramics in it to approximately 1,800 degrees. Current hobbies are guitar and fiddle.