Noted Quotes of Josef Beigenwight

(1876 - 1950)

On Child Care:
"Babysitting is the art of killing time without killing children."

On Education:
"Beat a man with a stick and he bleeds for a day. Teach him to beat himself with a stick and he bleeds for a lifetime."

On Natural Medicine:
"Nature's favorite cure for sick lambs is the wolf."

On the Free Market:
"In an absolutely free market, nothing can compete with just stealing."

On Labor:
"Idle Workers are the Devil's Hands."

On Discipline:
"Discipline is the art of ignoring everything that matters."

A broad metaphor on the use of accumulated weapons, drugs or fattening food:
"The only way to waste poison is to drink it."

On the Good War:
"Using war to save lives is a moral curveball. To the untrained eye, it might look like you're just killing people."

On Freedom of the Private Sector:
"Any business model supported by firepower is a tyranny."

On Knowledge Versus Power:
"The best omnipotence is a damn good omniscience."

On Popular Culture:
"The line for shit soup can be surprisingly long."

On Rugged Individualism:
"In nature, human collectives are called 'tribes' and other animals regard them as 'dangerous'.
In nature, single humans are called 'rugged individualists' and other animals regard them as 'chewy'."